Dark UX

Dark UX is a UX or UI design that is created to deceive users and make them do something that wasn’t their original objective.

Dark patterns are deceptions to fulfilling business purposes at the expense of distracted users. This is different from bad design which is poor design that doesn’t meet users’ needs unintentionally. Dark UX is an unethical design. A great source of information is https://www.deceptive.design/. Here is their excellent hall of shame

According to British Airways, the lowest price is GB 1799. However, if you look carefully, the lowest price is actually GB 1113. Sneaky!

With this dark pattern, you can unwittingly export all your contacts to Linkedin’s database.

You have to opt-in to opt-out. Shame on you, Sky iD.

I don’t even understand this one.

Hidden in the drop-down “more info” is the option to opt-out of spam emails. Shame on you RAC.

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