Welcome to our ongoing overview of nasty UX. Please feel free to send us your own examples. UX Consult Pro is a team of industry experts with years of experience working for Fortune 500 corporations. We create a HOLISTIC audit of your Digital Product to find areas of improvement in UX, UI, Design, Accessibility, and the many other elements that make a complete picture of your Digital Product and its use.

I took this photo at O’Hara airport. The expensive sign not only has little information but also repeats the same information three times, and all the information is inaccurate.

The original buttons in the lift did not have braille bumps. Instead of replacing the buttons, they just stuck the buttons next to the original buttons – and they don’t work if you press them (only the original button works). So now you are blind AND confused.

Enter your phone number using drop downs. This is to force the user to enter the number in a standard way, making the user do the heavy lifting on the front end.

Another example of forcing the user to standardize data input for the back-end.

Which emergency switch is clearer to the guy running from a burning building? Real examples.

Really? A 12+-letter password? This is the business putting the heavy lifting on the user to save themselves trouble with possible hacks. You may not use more than two identical characters in a row. What are commonly used passwords?
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