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Knowledge Users filter out much of the information they receive, even when it could be important. Hick’s Law More options lead to harder decisions. Does your site have many diverse products? Maybe too much to choose from? Confirmation Bias People look for evidence that confirms what they think. Does your site reference things the user […]

Dark UX Dark UX is a UX or UI design that is created to deceive users and make them do something that wasn’t their original objective. Dark patterns are deceptions to fulfilling business purposes at the expense of distracted users. This is different from bad design which is poor design that doesn’t meet users’ needs unintentionally. Dark

Welcome to our ongoing overview of nasty UX. Please feel free to send us your own examples. UX Consult Pro is a team of industry experts with years of experience working for Fortune 500 corporations. We create a HOLISTIC audit of your Digital Product to find areas of improvement in UX, UI, Design, Accessibility, and the many other elements

Dictionary of Webby Jargon Below is a list of terms and gobbledygook that gets thrown about by the web-savvy and should be in your vocabulary if you are a part of the web design community. I’ve tagged them from (•) – you definitely need to know this if you want to be a part of

So you want a website! Maybe you already have one and want to improve it or want to improve its performance. Maybe you want to sell something, have a site for your business, show a portfolio, or blog your thoughts and feelings. No matter what you do, creating and maintaining a website can be very

We all remember the “Abort, Retry, Fail?” or “Bad command or file name” – errors in MS-DOS. Notorious for their confusing and unhelpful messages. Other infamous messages are “HTTP 404” – (A file not found error seen on the Web), “Lp0 on fire” (UNIX warning that the printer may be on fire), and “Not a

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